The dual SIM by Wiko

02 | 15

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The dual SIM by Wiko

You are all well aware that the dual SIM is a major feature of our phones. Since the outset, Wiko has equipped each of its phones with dual SIM functionality.

But what is a dual SIM and how does it work?

Dual SIM functionality allows the user to use two different services simultaneously without the need for two separate phones. For example, the same handset can be used for personal and professional purposes, with different numbers and different bills, or for travel, with a specific SIM for your destination country.

Thanks to this dual SIM functionality, you can be reached on both numbers with one phone.
There are several different types of double SIM, offering different features. Our Wiko phones are equipped with a SIM DUAL STANDBY – both SIMs can receive calls. However, when a call is connected on one SIM, the other is no longer active and all incoming calls are redirected to voicemail. Until now, all our models have been equipped with mini (normal) SIM slots.

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