Go free, go wireless!

Whether you have work, play or sport on the agenda, WiSHAKE is prepped for an active lifestyle delivering a stellar sound experience. The modern, on-trend design demonstrated throughout the range is distinctly European and all about on-the-go comfort.

WiSHAKE Wireless Headphones

Ready for anything! Be it work or play, WiSHAKE Wireless Headphones are lightweight and foldable to easily carry anywhere. They allow easy control of music and calls, combining a modern, lifestyle design and a crisp sound experience. Added to the sturdy build quality, they provide supreme listening comfort with soft ear cushions and an adjustable headband. Make those long days at work more musical with a battery delivering up to 8 hours of listening pleasure, with a wired mode so that it never runs out of juice. For those who love to share, one’s friends can join the fun by connecting another wired headphone set.

Main features

  • 01 - Soft ear cushions
  • 02 - Adjustable size
  • 03 - Microphone & 3.5mm input
  • 04 - Foldable hinge