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An ingenious feature !

Smart gesture – the secret is in the name!
Practical, smart and fun, even almost childish, Smart Gesture allows users to activate or deactivate a function using a simple gesture.

Go to Settings > SYSTEM and click on "Smart Gesture" ... tick the features you require and simply follow the instructions.

Examples :

• To answer an incoming call displayed on-screen: simply bring your face to your smartphone to answer the call using the sensor. Magic!
• The same goes when you display a contact – bring your face to your phone to make a call using the proximity sensor.
• Need to unlock phone? Easy, just pass your hand in front of the light sensor.
• What about taking a photo? Nothing could be simpler, just move your hand over the sensor to trigger the camera function and take a photo.
• Make a call, switch to silent mode, switch on the speakerphone, turn off the screen, display a picture, take a picture, unlock your phone – there are a total of seven minimalist gestures that can be enabled for the following smartphones: Rainbow, Highway, Stairway, Darkside, Darkmoon, Darkfull and Darknight.

For each action, a tutorial shows the gesture or movement that will activate or deactivate each of the seven functions.

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